Great Corby Beer Cracker


The perfect Secret Santa gift or stocking stuffer! Our Beer Cracker holds a single bottle of GCB ale plus one of our GCB keyring bottle openers. Choose your favourite beer and we’ll seal up the cracker for you and will deliver it to your doorstep. No additional gift wrapping needed! You know it’ll look great under your tree!

  • Wasd'ale

  • Wasd'ale Stout

  • Fox Brown Ale

    442 in stock

  • Corby Blonde

    Out of stock

  • Lakeland Summit

    809 in stock

  • Signal Peak APA

    2293 in stock

  • Corby Ale

    420 in stock

  • Mandarina IPA

    445 in stock

  • Tizzie Whizie

    980 in stock

  • Coffee Milk Stout

    779 in stock

  • Stout

    309 in stock