Exploring the Future of British Hops: A Brewer’s Journey to AromaFest

Last week, Andrew, our dedicated brewer, embarked on an exciting journey to Manchester, delving into the heart of the future of British hops. His destination? AromaFest, a captivating event hosted by Charles Faram, a renowned hop grower and supplier. This annual gathering serves as a unique platform where brewers and growers converge to explore new trial hop varieties, exchange insights, and shape the trajectory of the British hop landscape.


AromaFest, is much like a vibrant carnival for beer enthusiasts, unveiled a dazzling array of 26 new hop varieties. Brewers from far and wide gathered to partake in an olfactory adventure, rubbing, sniffing, and meticulously evaluating each sample. This hands-on approach not only allows the brewers to experience the potential aromas firsthand but also empowers them to provide valuable feedback on the characteristics of each variety.

These hops are no ordinary ones; they are the precursors to what might become the next big thing in the brewing world. The samples are in their early stages, and it may take several years before the chosen varieties are officially cultivated. Even then, a commercial crop is further down the line. The entire process is akin to nurturing a fine wine, where patience is key, and the result promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

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Andrew, representing our brewery, expressed gratitude for the privilege of being part of this exclusive event. It’s not just a showcase; AromaFest invites brewers to play a pivotal role in influencing the future direction of British hop development. The collaboration between brewers and growers is a symbiotic dance, where both parties contribute to the evolution of flavours and aromas in the beer industry.

The event offered a tantalizing glimpse into the “New World” characters that future hop varieties might exhibit. The brewers explored notes of citrus, stone fruit, pine, and passion – elements that complement the more traditional offerings already present in the market. This infusion of innovative flavours promises an exciting future for beer enthusiasts, as breweries continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with British hops.

As we eagerly await the fruition of these early stage hop varieties, it’s clear that AromaFest is not just an event; it’s a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for British hops.

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