Our latest limited release is dedicated to the Osprey, a stunning migratory bird of prey that is known to set up its Summer home here in Cumbria to command the skies of our beautiful county. Ospreys are powerful, precision hunters with a talon grip that is no match for unsuspecting fish beneath the ripples of Cumbria’s waters.

About the beer: Osprey is a limited release West Coast IPA that balances citrus, pine and resonous notes to leave a lingering bitter finish. At 4.5% Osprey is a session WCIPA packed with vibrant flavours that will have you heading back to the bar for pint after pint – go ahead, wet your beak!   

Ospreys are a protected species in the UK and regional conservation efforts are ongoing, to support the Cumbria Wildlife Trust in their campaign to protect these incredible birds please visit their website: https://www.cumbriawildlifetrust.org.uk

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