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About Great Corby Brewhouse

Our Time-Served Brewpub

The Old Forge’s foundations date back to 1833. Craft has always been at the heart of our site, whether the medium be hot iron or chilled beer – masters of trade have always graced our plot with quality, refined products.

Handcrafted Beer

Every beer tells a story. We like to think ours will engage you in a complex tale of tradition & heritage with tangible, contemporary notes thrown in for flavour. An anecdote from the dented pewter tankards of old to the sleek modern pint glass of today. Próst!

Our Clientele

We like to think that our beers are far reaching and indiscriminate, but we’ll never forget our roots. The flat-capped farmers, weary hikers, and general grafters of Cumbria – they make up the lifeblood of our humble brewery.

Since starting in October 2010, Great Corby Brewhouse has been a very enjoyable and hands-on experience. Great Corby Brewhouse uses the finest ingredients to create a classic range of core beers, we have a small dedicated team who take care and pride in producing our ales. With an extremely hands-on process attention to detail is required at every step to ensure our beer leaves the door in perfect condition. We enjoy creating and caring for the beers as much as we enjoy drinking them!

Tim Hughes | Head Brewer
Brewery Founded

Our Beers


Our Beer Profile

Our beers are well known for their slightly lower ABV, making them an easy favorite with sessional drinkers out to enjoy a good few hours in the local country pub. A welcoming brew – many a Corby Blonde has been sunk by a roaring fireplace with man’s best friend snoozing beneath an iron legged, round top.

The Basics

It’s no secret that the 4 main ingredients of beer are water, barley malt, yeast and hops – simple, right? On paper yes, but we have taken the time to ensure that even the basic ingredients arrive to us from the highest quality sources in the UK and from international pastures.


Taste preference and pallet experience differ for all of us. Creating variety and flavour encompasses the artistry and skill set of the brewer. Our range of core beers is eclectic enough for all to enjoy and is complemented throughout the year with our seasonal and guest ales.

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