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The quality of our base ingredients is not a compromise – we use only the very best. Our blonde has a heavy UK influence, with Marris Otter Malt and English-raised hops. The rest of our range incorporates key ingredients from Europe, the USA and New Zealand – creating diversity in both taste and aroma.


Refinement of any brew is a trial and error process. A high degree of sampling & measuring is needed throughout the process to ensure balance and maturity is optimal. That’s why, when we do get it right, the recipe stays firmly in the hands of our head brewer – following his lead, consistency of your favourite beer is guaranteed.


We’ve always been environmentally conscious – recycling and reusing resources safely and hygienically is a concept that we’re ever refining throughout our production process. One initiative that has become tradition is that all of our spent grain is put to great use feeding the many farm animals in the local community.

Our Process

Everything starts with the hunt for quality ingredients – over the years our journey has taken us around the world. From all corners of the UK and to far-reaching, international pastures.

Once we’ve treated our water to suit the particular style of the beer – the mashing begins, both by hand and stand allowing the malt enzymes the opportunity to convert starch to sugar.

After some integral rinsing and boiling we add delicious hops to gradually increase, bitterness, flavor and aroma – then it’s off to the fermentation vessels!

It’s now the yeast’s time to shine – with her help the sugar is turned into the all-important alcohol content.

Once we’ve hit the right balance, the beer is left to condition for 7 days in our casks.

And that’s it.

It’s now off to the pub, tap the cask, pour the perfect chilled pint and enjoy with friends, family and maybe the odd stranger from time to time!


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SIBA Award Winning
Cumbrian Ales

Our Flavourful Core Range

Lakeland Summit

Cascade, Target, Aurora and Celeia

A light coloured session ale, an initial burst of lime is balanced with a sweet malty palate leading to a subtle bitter finish.

4.0% ABV
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Corby Blonde

East Kent Goldings and Crystal

A medium-bodied Blonde ale, softly bittered with hints of lemon and honey.

4.0% ABV
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Signal Peak apa

Azacca, Centennial, Chinook, Citra and Simcoe

A light bodied, amber coloured American style pale ale. A tropical and citrus aroma coming from the American hops finishing with notes of pine.

4.4% ABV
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Coffee Milk Stout

East Kent Goldings and Celeia

A full bodied smooth coffee milk stout with chocolate notes.

4.7% ABV
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Corby Ale

East Kent Goldings, Fuggles and Celeia

Classic copper coloured ale with a soft caramel palate rounded off with fine English golding hops

3.8% ABV
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East Kent Goldings and Celeia

Dark, roasted and smooth, with chocolate notes and a balanced malty palete.

4.5% ABV
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Tizzie Whizie

Centennial, Citra and Mosaic

Packed with citrus and fruity notes with subtle malty undertones. Named after mythical creatures living along the shores of Lake Windermere.

3.4% ABV
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Fox Brown Ale

East Kent Goldings and Sovereign

A full-bodied deep reddish brown ale. Brewed with the finest malt and English hops. Smooth with lots of fruit & hop flavours.

4.6% ABV
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Our Limited Editions

Someone once said that ‘variety is the spice of life’, we’ve no clue who it was but they were right! And we fully endorse the concept. What is life without diversity, uniqueness, eclectic choice? For us, creating variety is one of the most exciting parts of our job and in 2022 we’ve had some fun! Here are the limited releases that we’ve created in the past year – we have plans for many more in the future!


Named after the stunning little Lake District tarn that is en route to High Raise from Great Langdale, Stickle is a chocolate, caramel & coffee porter that makes for an ideal winter evening pint.

3.9% ABV


Introducing, Shooter; our newest seasonal ale that will give you verified bang for your buck.

Shooter is a ruby ale packed full of sweet biscuity malt flavours with notes of hedgerow fruits. Perfect for darker, cooler Autumnal evenings.

3.9% ABV

Eachy of Bassenthwaite

We pay homage to our native water sprite, Eachy in our Limited Release beer. A hazy pale ale with an intriguing balance of fruits and citrus providing a smooth, soft mouthfeel pint after pint.

4.8% ABV


Osprey is a limited release West Coast IPA that balances citrus, pine and resonous notes to leave a lingering bitter finish. Osprey is a session WCIPA packed with vibrant flavours that will have you heading back to the bar for pint after pint – go ahead, wet your beak!  

4.5% ABV

Trail Hound

Our Limited Release Trail Hound is a majestic and agile light pale ale with flowery notes derived from hand-picked local elderflower.

3.8% ABV


Cockatrice is a Limited Release, mild ale.

With a smooth, east texture, Cockatrice features biscuity, malty notes, is light and sessioanble.

3.5% ABV

Jubilee Ale

To celebrate 70 years on the throne, we've brewed an extra-special seasonal ale!

Beautifully fruity and citrusy, The Great Corby Jubilee Ale is perfectly summery and ideal to celebrate this historic anniversary!

3.7% ABV


Brewed using New Zealand hops it packs fruity, citrus and blueberry notes. This pale ale is named after the Oystercatcher, the famous wading bird of both Cumbrian and NZ shorelines.

3.8% ABV


A Celebration of Roman Engineering.
73 Miles. 1900 Years

4.0% ABV

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