Now that we have your attention…

…We’re delighted to say that we’ve partnered with the incredibly talented, local cheesemaker’s at Torpenhow Cheese Company! Together we’ve compiled a list of ideal cheese and beer pairings for you to explore, enjoy and indulge in!

Torpenhow Cheese Company is based on the Northern edge of the Lake District National Park, only 23 miles from our Brewhouse. They’ve been creating award winning cheeses and butters for the past few years and the great news is that they complement our ales perfectly!

Here are a few combinations that you simply must try:

Our Beer: Corby Blonde, Lakeland Summit, Stout, Tizzie Whizzie

Oak Smoked Cheddar tasting notes: Rounded, refined and subtle smokiness. Hints of mushroom and slight tartness in the finish.

Our Beer: Signal Peak, Stout, Tizzie Whizzie, Fox Brown Ale

Park House Cheddar tasting notes: Sharp and creamy, with a well-rounded flavour and full mouthfeel.  

Our Beer: Mandarina IPA, Stout, Fox Brown Ale, Coffee Milk Stout

Binsey Red tasting notes: Mellow and creamy, with distinct nuttiness and rounded finish.

Our Beer: Stout, Tizzie Whizzie, Corby Ale, Corby Blonde

Trusmador tasting notes: Moderately sharp with a fine, crumbly texture. Strong in flavour, which lingers on the palate.

Our Beer: Lakeland Summit, Mandarina IPA, Stout, Corby Ale

Darling Howe tasting notes: Rich & creamy texture with a light, nutty, mushroomy flavour in the finish.

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