A Pint of Pride:

Great Corby Brewhouse Goes to Parliament

Last week, marked a surreal chapter in the Great Corby Brewhouse story as we proudly clinked glasses of our beloved Tizzie Whizie in the esteemed Strangers’ Bar within the iconic House of Parliament. Who would have thought that our craft beer would find a home amidst the political buzz of the nation’s capital?

David our fantastic owner and Sandra our equally fantastic brewery manager, made the journey to London on a drizzly Wednesday to showcase our wonderful award-winning ‘Tiz’ and to share a pint with Local MP Neil Hudson as Tizzie was hosted as the guest ale in Strangers’ bar. Neil has been a fantastic advocate of our beers and handpicked ours to go to the hub of Great British politics.

Our award-winning 3.4% light and citrussy ale, known for its fruity and refreshing palate, became a toast among MPs, creating a buzz in the very heart of political discourse.

Accompanying us on our adventure were SIBA Chief Executive Andy Slee and Head of Public Affairs Barry Watts. The gathering was a celebration of craftsmanship, dedication, and the growing recognition that Tizzie Whizie has achieved on a national level.

Dr. Neil Hudson MP shared his thoughts, “It was a delight to welcome David and Sandra to Strangers’ Bar in Parliament to sample their cracking Cumbrian beer – Tizzie Whizie – and toast their recent success at the SIBA Awards.”

Reflecting on this momentous occasion, Sandra, stated, “We are immensely proud to have Tizzie Whizie featured at the Strangers Bar in the House of Parliament. This opportunity not only validates the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into creating all our beers but also signifies a milestone for us as a brewery. We are truly honoured.”

Andy Slee, SIBA Chief Executive, added, “Great Corby Brewhouse has gone from strength to strength producing a great range of beers. It was great to sample Tizzie Whizie in Parliament and speak to the local MP about how we can grow the independent beer sector in the UK and ensure its continued success.”

Tizzie Whizie found its place in Strangers’ Bar through a programme run by the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group and SIBA, a group that we at Great Corby Brewhouse are proud to be a part of.

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